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Professional days 1970s



•  Ph.D., University of Nottingham, UK (1960) - Chemistry

•  D.Sc., University of Nottingham, UK (1973) - Biological Chemistry
•  L.L.D. (Hon.), University of Nottingham, UK (2006) - Contributions to Life Sciences


Honors & Awards

• Israel State Medal - Presented by Israel Academy of Science (1972)

• Sigma Chi Research Award - For contributions to science (1974)

• Rudjer Boskovic Institute Award - Presented by Yugoslav Academy of Science (1979)

• Honorary Distinguished Adjunct Professor - Case Western Reserve University (2007)

• Order of the British Empire (OBE) (2012)

• Richard J. Balte, Sr. Chemical Heritage Society Award (2013)



Areas of Research
Aging, molecular hematology, biopolymers, epitaxy, gene splicing, new prodrugs. Molecular basis of various diseases.
120 publications, 10 books and two patents including:

•  Formation and Properties of Precipitates, Walton, Elsevier - 1967
•  Biopolymers, Walton and Blackwell, Academic Press - 1973
•  Peptides, Polypeptides & Proteins, Walton, Elsevier - 1981

Editor of several books including:
•  Recombinant DNA, Walton, Elsevier - 1981 and two patents



Research Associate and Lecturer, Chemistry Indiana University

Assistant Prof Chemistry and Macromolecular Science Case Western     
Visiting Professor Biological Chemistry Harvard Medical School
Director of the Laboratory for Biological Macromolecules Case Western
Reserve University
Science Advisor to Governor/President Jimmy Carter Academic tree
traced back to N da Lonigo, MD/Ph.D. (1453) Padua (Italy) 

In my lab making new polypeptides. No, they are not explosive.

Celebrating my L.L.D. (honorary doctor of law degree) from University of Nottingham 2005

Order of the British Empire (OBE) received December 2012

Ph.D. University of Nottingham 1960

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